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    Lighting Solutions Made Easy Articles Lighting Facts: Why is CRI Important? Highlighting Your Objects and Spaces with LED Modules New Products Expand You LED Landscape Lighting Options Retail Display Lighting Solutions: EQUIFLUX and AVENUE 24 An Economical Way to Portect LED Tape Lig...

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    Learn About Sustainable Food-To-Table Best Practices With Bay Area Green Tours.

    Archive, archive

    Bay Area Green Tours is a local San Francisco Bay Area business who’s mission is to provide educational tours and events that demonstrate the sustainable economy in action, inspire support of local green businesses, and empower people to incorporate environmental responsibility and social justi...

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    Northern California Recycling Association Hosts A Workshop On Bay Area Recycling Jobs

    Archive, archive

    Interested in recycling?  Interested in getting paid to recycle without digging through other people's trash for bottles and cans?  The Northern California Recycling Association is hosting workshops to educate San Francisco Bay Area residents on job opportunities related to the recycling indust...

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    Koopmann’s Ranch Continues to Promote Bay Area Land Conservation

    Archive, archive

    About a month ago I wrote an article about Bay Area Ranchers who are land conservation activists.  Koopmann’s Ranch, located in Sunol, hosted a tour of their ranch to show people what it means to privately own land, protect its resources and how that benefits both the wildlife and the resident...

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    San Francisco Bay Area Ranchers Aid In Land Conservation

    Archive, archive

    Much of the land conservation around the San Francisco Bay Area has been funded by state, federal and non profit resources.  However, private landowners can play a vital role in land conservation too.  Ranchers and farmers who own large quantities of land have opportunities to ensure the heal...

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    The San Francisco Green Film Festival Starts Today

    Archive, archive

    The 2nd Annual San Francisco Green Film Festival starts tonight with a bang. This is the only Bay Area film festival that is dedicated to films and new forms of media that explore environmental issues and sustainability.  Over 40 films will be shown in one week from today until March 7th at the ...

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    My Favorite DIY LED Holiday Light Shows that You Won’t Believe

    Archive, archive

    No, these are not your typical throw-some-lights-on-a-bush-and-call-it-a-day holiday displays. These DIY hackers, geeks and freaks have taken the “festival of lights” concept to a whole new level. Combining high tech LED lighting systems with audio/visual choreography and a healthy dose of ...

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    Learn How to Prepare a Sustainable Thanksgiving... In A Cave

    Archive, archive

    I read a blog post about a sustainable thanksgiving which stated that “Every year, around 50 million or so turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving Day, about $30 billion is spent on the holiday (with 90 percent or so going to food costs), and the Sunday after Thanksgiving sees some 13.7 million lo...

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    Jellyfish Chandelier with LED Lights & Repurposed Materials

    Employee Culture, employee-culture

    Elemental employees Tara Bowerman and Wes Buck reused some common household materials along with color-changing LED lights to create a jellyfish-like chandelier that makes you feel like you’re swimming underwater. Re-using a combination of clear plastic two and one liter plastic bottles...

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    Revamp the Kitchen for Less with LED Kitchen Lights

    Installation Tips, installation-tips

    With the amount of time people spend in the kitchen, and the effect that well-designed lighting can have on how much people enjoy their kitchens, LED kitchen lighting is uniquely positioned to dramatically improve kitchens, and with them people’s homes. The right LED kitchen light can help ov...

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    Why are LED lights 12V DC?

    Archive, archive

    The companion question to this is: why is the power in homes 120V AC? Electricity is transmitted from power plants to homes and businesses in high voltage form (AC: alternating current) because AC power can cover longer distances, sustain the loss of power through wires, and be distributed to man...

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    Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Your LED Lights

    Archive, archive

    While all of our LED lights have certain factors in common, such as providing over 50,000 hours of light and being RoHS certified, they each have their own unique set of advantages and are available in a myriad of options. Considering these five factors will help you make your selection.

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    Uses of Ultraviolet LED Lights

    Lighting News, lighting-news

    Like all of our flexible LED light strips, our Ultraviolet (UV) LED Strip Lights are cuttable, dimmable, and flexible. Sold by the foot, these flexible LED lights can be customized to suit your needs and installed virtually anywhere. Unlike the majority of our LED strip lights, however, these UV LED

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    MIT Artists Use Color Changing LEDs to Illuminate Interactive Magnetic Pixels

    Archive, archive

    If there are two things I’m a sucker for, they’d have to be interactive art and LED lights. So of course you can imagine my delight when I discovered “Six-Forty by Four-Eighty,” an art piece that combines both of these pleasures in one versatile, stunning and inspirational display. Design...

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