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Looking to figure out what type of LED product is going to best for your project, take a look at what others have chosen and why.

Installation Tips

  • Improve Safety with Indoor LED Lighting

    One of the less discussed advantages of indoor LED lighting is the significant reduction in fire hazard risk that can be achieved by replacing incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and even CFL bulbs with LED lights. Because LED lights consume so much less electricity and produce so much less heat,...

  • RGB LED Lights Make Great Stage Lighting

    Effective stage lighting needs to create a range of colors and types of light, be easy to program and to control in real time to change lighting scenes as the performance progresses, and be easy to install discreetly. RGB LED lights offer all these features combined with a number of specificati...

  • Color Changing LED Lights Can Liven up an Exterior

    Color changing LED lights have some established uses, such as in bars and restaurants, as accent lighting for art, or as part of an art installation themselves. But for the rest of us who would like to find a way to incorporate color changing RGB lighting into our homes, the options are somewhat ...

  • Choose the Right Dimmable LED Lighting for Your Needs

    So you’re a homeowner, storeowner, or in some other way responsible for retrofitting a building’s lighting to make it more environmentally friendly, and you have opted to use LED lights because of their energy efficiency, quality, and ability to meet many different lighting needs. Inevitabl...

  • Revamp the Kitchen for Less with LED Kitchen Lights

    With the amount of time people spend in the kitchen, and the effect that well-designed lighting can have on how much people enjoy their kitchens, LED kitchen lighting is uniquely positioned to dramatically improve kitchens, and with them people’s homes. The right LED kitchen light can help ov...

  • Consider Your Space Ahead of Time to Take Advantage of Under Cabinet LED Lights

    Under cabinet lights offer the obvious value of eliminating shadows created by wall cabinets that block ceiling lighting. This is especially a problem in older homes where the main lighting source may be one single lighting fixture installed in the center of the ceiling. Under cabinet LED light...

  • Style your Lighting with an LED Light Dimmer

    LED lighting is gaining popularity in conventional lighting settings across the country, and the world, due to its greener energy consumption profile, durability, and ability to cut bills. Home and business owners looking for the same lighting experience they are used to will appreciate new LED l...

  • Unique Restaurant Lighting Ideas with LEDs

    Commercial LED lighting offers several benefits including a reduction in energy consumption and related costs, durable construction, and long performance life. While there are numerous possibilities for incorporating LED restaurant lighting into your business, here are a few ideas to get you started

  • Commercial LED Lighting Examples

    Commercial LED lighting is becoming increasingly common because of its ecological, environmental, and aesthetic benefits. Since many LED lights have a durable construction and remarkable flexibility, industrial LED lighting is appearing everywhere from restaurants to retail spaces to cruise ships.

  • Reduce Child Safety Hazards with 12V LED Lighting

    Perhaps because we’ve all grown so accustomed to conventional lighting fixtures, we don’t often stop to think about the repercussions of using those fixtures, or how things could improve if we tried something different. But when it comes to our children and especially their safety, finding ...

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