Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Your LED Lights

LED Considerations for a KitchenWhile all of our LED lights have certain factors in common, such a strong warranty, high quality light and UL certification, they each have their own unique set of advantages and are available in a myriad of options. Considering these five factors will help you make your selection.

1. What color of light do you want? The color of light you choose will cultivate a certain atmosphere and alter the look of other decorative items in the room. While you may prefer the inviting glow of warm, white lights, others may prefer the true-to-life color of neutral white light. For the holiday season, red or green flexible LED lights might be essential to your Christmas-themed decorations, or perhaps you want the versatility and variety of our RGB Color Changing LED Lights to enhance the look of your home or business year round.

2. Do your lights need to be waterproof? All of our LED lights are water resistant and some of our lights are fully submersible. Water resistance really is not a factor for cove lighting in a living room, but in wet areas like near kitchens and bars, waterproof lights may be the right choice. Similarly, our fully submersible Waterproof Flexible LED Lights are perfect for aquariums and fountains.

3. Will your light source be visible? For cove, under cabinet, and display case lighting our discreet, low profile Flexible LED Light Strips and LED Puck Lights are perfect solutions. If your light source is going to be visible, however, than the stylish exterior of our light bars will provide the light you need without detracting from the overall look of the room.

4. How bright should your light be? The amount of lumens you want your LED light to provide is usually the first and easiest decision, but rather than just replacing your traditional incandescent light with the same product, consider whether the amount of brightness it provides is appropriate for your needs. Perhaps your current task lighting is insufficient or your current bedroom light is too bright. Maybe the intense brightness of our High-Density Strip Lights is necessary to light a darkened walkway or enhance the visibility of your business from the road.

5. What is your light’s function? Beyond illuminating an area, light cultivates an atmosphere, adds visual interest, and has to perform under certain conditions. Any outdoor LED lighting product you choose should be waterproof and able to withstand unexpected, inclement weather. For club and retail owners, the color-changing effects of our RGB Color Changing LED Lights are an essential element of their establishment’s personality. LED lights can provide the exact hue, brightness, and special features that will serve your unique aesthetic and practical purposes.

These are the most basic factors to consider before choosing your LED lighting solution. Whether you decide on one of our many flexible LED light strips, Cree puck lights, or an LED light bar, you will find the perfect LED light to suit your needs. Of course, you can always call us or chat online to discuss your LED lighting options.

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