Saltwater Dock Transformation with HYDROLUME® (Marin, CA)

Naomi Turrentine is the proud owner of a beautiful dock overlooking the Las Gallinas Creek. Looking for a way to enhance the dock and create an inviting location for friends and family, she looked into a lighting installation. Additionally, she enjoyed night-time kayaking and wanted lighting to help her paddle home. Exploring her options, she worked with her contract to find a product that would survive the harsh salt-water and sun-exposed dock environment.

Luckily, HYDROLUME® 24V LED Strip Light, from Diode LED, was exactly what Naomi was looking for. This outdoor weatherproof and waterproof strip light is UV-resistant and saltwater-safe. It has the quality you expect from Diode LED and has unique features catered to outdoor lighting needs. One of the biggest benefits of using HYDROLUME® in an outdoor installation that is exposed to the elements is that it will not undergo degradation or discoloration in direct sunlight and will remain unaffected when exposed to saltwater spray.

HYDROLUME® is available in lengths up to 81.5 feet long allowing Naomi to light up the entire length of her dock on a single run. Because this product is available in tailored lengths, her contractor measured the space and ordered the product cut to length for an easy and quick installation.

Hoffman Electric, liked how everything arrived ready to install and was impressed with how Diode LED helps clients every step of the way from selecting the best products to partnering with electricians to ensure a smooth installation. Within a few hours, HYDROLUME® was installed on the dock and ready for even the toughest of environmental conditions like sun, saltwater and rain.

“Many companies claim to offer a waterproof linear lighting solution, but HYDROLUME® is the only product I’ve seen on the market that is impervious to the many different harsh elements that exist in a coastal environment. This strip light is tough and in it for the long haul.” – John Hoffmann, Hoffmann Electric

Now Naomi can enjoy her beautiful dock, as it not only enhances the beauty of her waterfront property but also of her surroundings.

"We like to go kayaking at sunset, when the breeze is soft and everything is getting quiet. It's beautiful coming back to the dock, lit in a unique way that compliments the natural environment." – Naomi Turrentine

Using this energy-saving and cost-efficient solution, Naomi has found a modern and visually appealing way to give new life to her dock. Diode LED strives to make it easy for our customers by designing unique, cutting edge products while providing all the necessary tools needed to help make their projects shine.

Installation: John Hoffmann from Hoffman Electric

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