HYDROLUME® RGB - Color Changing LED Strip Light


HYDROLUME® RGB - Color Changing LED Strip Light

HYDROLUME® RGB - Color Changing LED Strip Light
Waterproof (IP68) color-changing linear light. Optional UL676 rating allows for code-compliant installation within bodies of water including swimming pools and fountains. Factory assembled to your lengths.

Factory assembled options only with your choice of connection type and mounting option
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Features & Benefits

  • Color Changing RGB LEDs in the reliable HYDROLUME format
  • UV And chemical resistant
  • IP68 - Submersible (UL 676)
  • 12 ft. lead wire on all prefabricated sections
  • Deep cold resistant

Product Specs

Light Beam Angle See Specification Sheet
Connection Type Hard-Wired, RGB
Cuttable Increments Non-Cuttable
Environment / IP Rating Dry Location, IP68, Outdoor/Wet Location
Max. Run Up to 26 ft.
Warranty 2-Year Limited

Sapphire Awards Winner

Outdoor Landscape and Architectural SSL Design 

HYDROLUME® Color Changing LED Strip Light is a UL 676, submersible color changing LED strip ready for pools and fountains. HYDROLUME® RGB is resistant to chemicals like chlorine and bromine, UV resistant, and protected against the corrosive effects of saltwater.

See the HYDROLUME® White Light field cuttable page here.

All Options
Recommended Accessories
Power Supplies
Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Drivers for on/off or PWM dimming applications.

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DMX Decoder with Built-in LED Driver
Driver with integrated DMX controller for integrating static color and color-changing tape light into DMX systems with the fewest possible components.
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ELEMENT FORTÉ - Linear Lighting Mounting Channel
ELEMENT™ FORTÉ Mounting Channel is Ideal for installing in all conditions with minimal presence.
Color Controllers
DMX 4 Channel Decoder
Translates a DMX signal into the PWM control signal used by RGB LED lights.
ATTRIBUTE® Color Controller

The ATTRIBUTE® Color Controller for RGB and RGB(W) LED lighting is affordable, flexible, and easy to install.

TOUCHDIAL™ Control System
NEW & EXPANDED ACCESSORIES The new TOUCHDIAL™ zone control system controls single color dimming, tunable white, and color changing LED lighting via mobile device and additional TOUCHDIAL controls.
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