Jellyfish Chandelier with LED Lights & Repurposed Materials

Jellyfish LED light chandelier with repurposed materials

Elemental employees Tara Bowerman and Wes Buck reused some common household materials along with color-changing LED lights to create a jellyfish-like chandelier that makes you feel like you’re swimming underwater.

Re-using a combination of clear plastic two and one liter plastic bottles, cut in half and bound together, the duo worked together to create a half circle chandelier, where the light reflects bubble shapes onto the nearby surface. The concept was originally created by lighting designer Shaun Kasperbauer, where he emphasized the beauty of ordinary materials.

Inspired by this design, Tara and Wes created a similar affect with the Wall Mount RGB Color Controller, and they went one step further by creating a jellyfish with plastic strips, and adding additional RGB Strips and bubble wrap at the top!

DIY LED project - jellyfish led chandelier light

Here are the materials they used:

DAZZLE 24™ 24V RGB LED Tape Light
Flexible RGB Strip Light Extension Cable
Wall Mount RGB Color Controller
18 gauge/2 strand Lamp Wire
One liter plastic bottles
Two liter plastic bottles
Wire hanger

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