LEDs Give Handrails a Helping Hand

Sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to navigating in the dark. Whether you’re on a plane, in a public building, or in your own home, handrails are there to make stairways and other potentially dangerous situations safer. In some cases, handrails are the law; in regards the elderly, the disabled and partially sighted people, handrails can safe a life! Now, LEDs are helping to make handrails effective around the clock. What’s the use of railing if you can’t see it in the dark, right? LED strip lighting provides the perfect way to ensure easier accessibility to both private and public buildings through streamlined and economical rail lighting. LEDs are lightweight, energy efficient and can be installed anywhere. Flexible strip LED lights can even be mounted on curving or winding banisters, and will conform smoothly to even the most unusual architectural lines.

Not only will LEDs illuminate the guardrail upon which they are installed, they can also guide light onto the stairs and floors below, and in the case of public buildings, emergency exits. Furthermore, LED strip lighting can be used to not only to provide visibility and safety, but also to highlight certain aesthetic aspects of an interior or exterior walkway as well. Or, by using our dimmable LED lights, banister lighting can emit varying degrees of lumens depending on the occasion. Is your teenager having a get together with her friends? Set the banister lights to low. Is elderly aunt Betty visiting? Better set the handrail lighting on high! No matter which way you look at it, LEDs are the answer when it comes to safely lighting your home or business.

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