My Favorite DIY LED Holiday Light Shows that You Won’t Believe

No, these are not your typical throw-some-lights-on-a-bush-and-call-it-a-day holiday displays. These DIY hackers, geeks and freaks have taken the “festival of lights” concept to a whole new level. Combining high tech LED lighting systems with audio/visual choreography and a healthy dose of ingenuity, these families know how to get Christmas and Hanukah done right. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays! (My apologies in advance, we're having trouble embedding the video, and need to get the right plug in. For now, please click the links to view the videos!)

A Very Dubstep Christmas


The Cadger family from Meridian, Idaho took two months and more than 35,000 color-changing LED lights to create this homage to dubstep, which flashes and pulses in time with the song "First Of The Year (Equinox)" by Skrillex. Here it is in action. Amazingly, the entire concept was built and designed by a father and his 16-year-old son.

Little Drummer Boy Gets Technical


From Fountain Valley, California, Damion Rodriguez created this dynamic and complex lighting display at a friend's home as a memorial to another friend who passed away in May.

Rodriguez used 15 RGB controllers, 220 pieces of green LED ribbon and some LED wall washer lights to design the show, which uses 56,100 LEDs in total. Rodriguez told Wired, “The designs and patterns of his spectacle are extraordinarily varied. "Some are basic EQs, and some are plasma color washes with custom palettes masked onto another effect, 35 layers deep. The roof is sometimes a marquee with a text ticker scrolling across, with another swirling helix effect that color-fades to the music on the megatree. I'm still adding new effects every day, tweaking existing ones. Currently, I have a bank of 82 combined effects for my patch."

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