Retail & Sign Lighting

Commercial, Retail and Sign Lighting

Retail & Sign Lighting

Diode LED offers a wide selection of lighting options for commercial, retail, and sign applications

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  1. SPECIFORM® Fabrication and Display Lighting

    SPECIFORM® is the ultimate solution for mass production of large-scale, commercial and residential LED linear lighting projects.

  2. EQUIFLUX® 1055 LED Display Graphics Light
    An ultra-bright, uniform display light with no hot spots or shadows, with a 10x55 beam angle ideally suited for narrow display frameworks.
  3. PURALIGHT™ 12V LED Light Modules
    While supplies last!
    The PURALIGHT® Ultra Bright Light Modules come in multi-unit strands of waterproof, durable PVC housed modules with 3M pressure-sensitive 9888T tape backing for easy mounting.
  4. LED Light Guide Panel

    The best option for even light diffusion across a display or backlit graphic image is now ready to order with the LED Light Guide Panel.


    The PURALIGHT® 2 LED Light Modules come in multi-unit strands of water resistant, durable modules that are ready to perform in all environments.
  6. SLATE™ SERIES LED Panel Light

    Coming Soon

    The SLATE™ Series LED Panel Lights offer display, accent and task lighting in a discrete form-factor with high performance. Engineered and manufactured as a high lumen output fixture with High-CRI and even-lumen distribution; SLATE is designed to be easily installed by professionals of any level, this fixture will blend seamlessly into any application.

6 Item(s)

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