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High-impact, easy to install LED lighting solutions


These Diode LED fixtures meet specific needs such as 120V direct-wire task lighting and discreet, aimable accent lighting. The low-voltage options are compatible with the same popular LED drivers we offer for our extensive line of tape light products.

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  1. CASCADE 2
    High output, 80+ CRI LED light fixture for indoor and wet location applications.
  2. SPOTMOD® Recessed Gimbal 12V LED Fixture
    The SPOTMOD® Recessed Gimbal 12V LED Fixture is a fully recessed LED light that adds bright, focused light to any home or business.
  3. TRIANT® LED Puck Light

    The TRIANT® LED Puck Light is a stylish and compact LED light that provides focused task or decorative lighting in any space.


    The SPOTMOD® TILE LED Fixture is an ultra-bright and low-profile fixture for surface mounting onto most surfaces.

  5. SPOTMOD® SLIK Series LED Panel Light
    The SPOTMOD® SLIK Series LED Panel Lights offer display, accent and task lighting in a discrete form-factor with high performance.

    The SPOTMOD® LINK features daisy chain connectors for multi-fixture installations (up to seven) and can be surface mounted or recess mounted.

  7. SPOTMOD® 12V LED Fixture
    This wet location LED light features a compact size and powerful light projection in a broad 45° beam or tight 15° spotlight.
  8. SPOTMOD® 2 Dimmable LED Fixture
    The SPOTMOD® 2 is a compact and dimmable indoor/outdoor LED fixture integrates seamlessly into cabinetry, patios, gardens, shelving, and more. Available in 2 form factors.

8 Item(s)

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