LED Power Supplies

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LED Power Supplies

Diode LED offers a wide selection of LED drivers and LED Power Supplies for many types of installations.

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  1. LO-PRO® Junction Box - ETL Listed, NEMA 1

    A low-profile and rugged steel enclosure that complies with electrical codes requiring junction boxes to separate household and low voltage wiring.

  2. Plug-In Adapters
    Portable, light-duty plug-in LED drivers (adapters).
  3. Lutron® Hi-lume™ 1% Dimmable LED Drivers
    High-performance dimming on Lutron control systems.
  4. 0-10V Dimmable LED Drivers
  5. Commercial Grade 0-10V Dimmable Drivers
    Commercial-Grade 0-10V Dimmable LED Drivers are essential components commercial building applications and retrofits of low voltage LED fixtures in 0-10V control systems.
  6. VLM Series Constant Voltage LED Drivers
    Compact constant-voltage LED driver.
  7. Commercial Grade Plug-In Drivers
    Diode LED combines the electronics and housing of a heavy duty hard-wired driver with the ease and simplicity of a plug-In adapter making permanent indoor installations quicker and easier.
  8. DMX Decoder with Built-in LED Driver
    Driver with integrated DMX controller for integrating static color and color-changing tape light into DMX systems with the fewest possible components.
  9. OMNIDRIVE® Electronic Dimmable Driver
    Our most popular electronic dimmable (ELV) driver. Superior dimming with and wide compatibility with popular dimmers. UL-listed enclosure optional.
  10. Constant Voltage LED Drivers

    Drivers for on/off or PWM dimming applications.

  11. BUNKR Plug-in Power Supply

    Heavy-duty plug-in LED driver.

  12. MikroDIM
    Compact, dimmable power supply with no minimum load.
  13. Lutron® Hi-lume Premier 0.1% LED driver
    High-performance dimming on Lutron control systems.
  14. LO-PRO® Junction Box
    UL Listed enclosure that pairs with LED drivers for code-compliant installations.
  15. VLM Junction box
    UL Listed enclosure for code-compliant installations of the VLM Series drivers.
  16. LO-PRO Junction Box for MikroDIM
    NEMA1 Junction Box for MikroDIM driver.
  17. LO-PRO NEMA3R  Junction Box
    NEMA 3R Junction Box that pairs with Diode LED drivers for outdoor installations. Certified UL 2108, UL 508A, and UL 1598
    Compact electronic dimmable (ELV) driver for everyday projects.Compatible with the most popular dimmers.
  19. omnidrive x
    Versatile driver for most high-performance dimming applications.
  20. SWITCHEX® Driver and Dimmer Switch
    LED driver and dimmer switch combined in a single gang box. Simplify your installation and save labor costs.
  21. magnetic low voltage driver
    All-purpose dimmable driver for everyday tape light projects.

21 Item(s)

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