LED Power Supplies

And now introducing a Power Supply and Dimmer Switch in One - SWITCHEX

LED Power Supplies

Diode LED offers a wide selection of LED drivers and LED Power Supplies for many types of installations.

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  1. magnetic low voltage driver
    All-purpose dimmable driver for everyday tape light projects.
  2. SWITCHEX® Driver and Dimmer Switch
    LED driver and dimmer switch combined in a single gang box. Simplify your installation and save labor costs.
  3. omnidrive x
    Versatile driver for most high-performance dimming applications.
    Compact electronic dimmable (ELV) driver for everyday projects.Compatible with the most popular dimmers.
  5. MikroDIM
    Compact, dimmable power supply with no minimum load.
  6. BUNKR Plug-in Power Supply

    Heavy-duty plug-in LED driver.

  7. Constant Voltage LED Drivers

    Drivers for on/off or PWM dimming applications.

  8. Commercial Grade Plug-In Drivers
    Diode LED combines the electronics and housing of a heavy duty hard-wired driver with the ease and simplicity of a plug-In adapter making permanent indoor installations quicker and easier.
  9. OMNIDRIVE® Electronic Dimmable Driver
    Our most popular electronic dimmable (ELV) driver. Superior dimming with and wide compatibility with popular dimmers. UL-listed enclosure optional.
  10. VLM SERIES LED Driver
    Compact constant-voltage LED driver.
  11. Commercial Grade 0-10V Dimmable Drivers
    Commercial-Grade 0-10V Dimmable LED Drivers are essential components commercial building applications and retrofits of low voltage LED fixtures in 0-10V control systems.
  12. 0-10V Dimmable LED Drivers
  13. OMNIDRIVE 2 models

    Electronic dimmable (ELV) driver featuring superior dimming with no minimum wattage load, an ETL-listed enclosure, and wide compatibility with popular dimmers.

  14. Lutron® Hi-lume™ 1% Dimmable LED Drivers
    High-performance dimming on Lutron control systems.
  15. Plug-In Adapters
    Portable, light-duty plug-in LED drivers (adapters).

15 Item(s)

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