LED Tape & Strip Light

High-impact, easy to install LED lighting solutions

LED Tape and Strip Lights

A linear light for every application.

From accent lighting to full-power cove lighting, from kitchen under-cabinet to robust exterior lighting, we manufacture the right linear LED light for every application. Color temperatures range from candlelight (2000K) to daylight (6300K), and everything in between. Choose the output, color, and performance tier that is right for your project — all with a warranty of 5, 7, or 12 years.

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  1. BLAZE™ Kits
    Make purchasing tape light simple with a kit containing our most popular combinations of tape light, drivers, and accessories.

    Diffused, neon-like LED lighting with top-bending and side-bending options. Color changing for a full range of saturated colors that faithfully mimic traditional neon. Suitable for wet locations (IP65).

    Tunable white light that changes color temperature (CCT) at the push of a button or DMX controls. Change the light from warm to cool for aesthetic or circadian effects.
  4. SQUIGGLY 200
    Tape light that bends on both axes to adapt to curves and uneven spaces.
  5. BLAZE™ MINI 4mm LED Tape Light (Tape/Strip Light)
    Narrow 4mm tape light – that is ideal for lighting tight spaces.
  6. NEON BLAZE - Diode LED
    Diffused, neon-like LED lighting with top-bending and side-bending options. Available in static white and colors, and suitable for wet locations (IP65).
  7. BLAZE™ X LED Tape Light
    Precision-engineered tape light. Up to 300+ lumens per foot with 95+ CRI / 90+ R9. 12 year warranty.
  8. STREAMLITE™ Diffused Linear Light
    Dotless linear lighting that eliminates the need for additional diffusing covers or accessories.
  9. BLAZE
    Performance and value for everyday projects. Our most popular tape light, available in a wide range of color temperatures and outputs. 7 year warranty.

9 Item(s)

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