LED Wall Washers

High illumination for environmental lighting

Wall Washers

Wall Washers are ideal for spot, accent and fill lighting for large environments.

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  1. SPHERE-STAR PAR 64 LED Wall Washer
    This LED Par 64 spotlight is popularly used for stage and theater spotlighting, club flood lighting, and exterior and interior architectural accent lighting. This model has a projection distance of up to 65 feet.
  2. 13 inch LED Wall Washer

    The 13 Inch LED Wall Washer is a powerful fixture that will brighten, enhance, and add visual interest to any large space.

  3. BROADWAVE® LED Wall Washer
    This long, slim wall washer is an unbeatable addition to virtually any indoor or outdoor accent lighting application.
  4. LINAIRE® LED Wall Washer
    A long, slim linear LED wall washer that is ideal for any indoor application.
  5. SPLASHLIGHT LED Wall Washer
    A sturdy, powerful LED spot light for use in large indoor and outdoor architectural accenting applications.

5 Item(s)

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