Uses of Ultraviolet LED Lights

Ultraviolet LED Strip LightsUltraviolet LED strip lights emit light that is virtually invisible to the naked eye, but serves many practical purposes.

Ultraviolet (UV) LED lights emit a light that is nearly invisible to the naked eye, but has many practical applications.

1. Security. UV lights can be used to authenticate documents like driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, and currency, all of which include watermarks that are visible under UV light. Using this light, an individual can quickly scan any form of identification or currency. For art dealers, jewelers, and collectors, it also can highlight variations in fluorescence to determine whether artwork, gems, and artifacts are genuine or have flaws that would lessen their value.

2. Sterilization. Ultraviolet LED lights kill unwanted microorganisms, indicate deposits of organic material that need to be removed, and convert pathogens, pollens, mold spores, viruses, and bacteria into harmless byproducts. They are used to sterilize workspaces and tools in labs, kitchens, and similar environments where hygiene and contamination are paramount concerns. Similarly, UV radiation is a common method of air and water purification. Commonly used to treat wastewater, it is also gaining popularity as a method for treating drinking water, including bottled water. Installed as an under shelf or under cabinet light, you can have discreet sterilization of your workspace.

3. Household cleaning. Years of watching television police dramas have taught us that UV light is an essential forensics tool that locates and identifies bodily fluids needed to solve a case. Whether house-training a puppy or simply trying to identify the source of an unpleasant smell, homeowners often use UV light to discover exactly what spots need to be treated to eliminate germs, odor, and discoloration.

4. Herpetology. Reptiles require long wave UV light to metabolize calcium for bone and egg production. In a reptile enclosure, you can replace your traditional florescent UV lamp with a UV flexible LED light strip, providing reptiles with an environmentally friendly habitat that will suit their needs while saving energy.

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