The San Francisco Green Film Festival Starts Today

San Francisco Green Film FestivalThe 2nd Annual San Francisco Green Film Festival starts tonight with a bang. This is the only Bay Area film festival that is dedicated to films and new forms of media that explore environmental issues and sustainability.  Over 40 films will be shown in one week from today until March 7th at the SF Film Society Theater located on 1748 Post St. in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Green Film Fest starts at 7pm tonight with a film called The Island President and a party that follows.  The film is already sold out, but party tix are still available for $30.  If you are interested in the party, it should be great as it is opening night.  It will be held at the Superfrog Gallery in the New People building in Japantown and the maker of tonight’s film, Jon Shenk , will be there.  You can mingle with festival filmmakers and special guests and enjoy local sustainable food & beverages, art, and live music.

Eco Friendly San Francisco Bay Area residents looking to attend multiple films and parties can buy an all access pass for $200, which includes party, and film passes plus free drinks and food. Not a bad deal for those interested in learning about ways media and film are helping to create positive change in the direction of sustainability.

Other films that I am looking forward to are “You’ve Been Trumped” which talks about Donald Trumps plans to buy up protected land in Scotland and build a resort and “On Coal River” which discusses the search for more coal in the US and the impact it is having on the residents living nearby.

So gather your sustainable San Francisco friends and check out the show.  Should be a great way to meet people with green values and discuss ways to make positive change.  Plus, who doesn’t like to eat and have a drink with a nice motivating green film?

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