Using Flexible LED Lights to Light a Wine Cellar

Lighting a Wine Cellar with Flexible LED Light Strips

Setting a magical and romantic mood with flexible LED Lights

Did you know you can use flexible LED light strips like beautiful yet modern wine cellar lights? Due to both their flexibility and how easily they are concealed, Flexible LED light strips can be positioned in a variety of positions to create both direct and indirect cove lighting effects. In smaller wine cellars, flexible LED light strips can function as the primary light source, and in larger cellars where people gather for hidden, quiet getaways, flexible LED light strips can be used to create ambient wine cellar lighting that contributes a vital element to romance, mystery and complete relaxation.

How to Light a Wine Cellar with Flexible LED Light Strips

Ideally, wine cellars are intended for viewing, lighting them with standard overhead accent lighting fixtures can often dull the presentation of the wine bottles and kill the aesthetic beauty of wine racks filled with bottles and bottles of vino. Wine cellar lighting should completely hide its source and magnify the bottles, labels, and racks without giving away the source of illumination. Flexible LED light strips can be mounted on the rear interior of the doorway of the wine cellar. Light shines back into the room from the concealed strips, creating a luminance that appears to grow out of the corridor and intensify as it reaches the bottles.

In some wine cellars, lighting takes on a more subtle role to accent the atmosphere. Wine racks sometimes line the walls, making room for a table where people can enjoy wine and cheese and quiet conversation. Many wine cellars of this nature have low ceilings. Flexible LED light strips can be mounted on top of racks and cabinets for cove lighting. This has a very warm and romantic effect as the light appears to climb the wall and wrap itself around the ceiling, fading toward the center in a gentle glow - perfect for wine and romance!

Modern flexible LED lights, like Elemental LED lights, can help transform your wine cellar into the most magical and romantic place in your home.

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