VOLANTE® Series Flood Light

VOLANTE® Series Flood Light
VOLANTE® Flood Lighting comes in one-module, two-module, and three-module configurations. Arrives fully assembled with a lead-wire connection.
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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • All models: In-stock and ready to ship
  • Units come fully assembled and hardwire ready
  • IP65 wet location rated
  • >130 lm/W exceeds performance standards


The VOLANTE® flood light is a modular lighting system giving you the best in lumen output and beam spread. The modular lighting system is assembled in the United States and offers flexibility for indoor and outdoor lighting. VOLANTE is perfect for the most challenging environments offering an industrial-grade, high-density, IP65 lighting solution. Great for retrofit and new construction.
Product Specs

Product Specs

Certifications DLC, ETL Listed
Connection Type Hard-Wired
Environment / IP Rating IP65
Input Voltage 100-277VAC
Warranty 5-Year Limited
SKU Lumens per Fixture Light Beam Angle Color (CCT) Shape Bundle Options
DI-VL-FL150W-40-MB 19200 Type Medium Beam 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-40-NB 19200 Type Narrow Beam 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-40-T1 19200 Type 1 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-40-T2 19200 Type 2 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-40-T3 19200 Type 3 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-40-T4 19200 Type 4 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-40-T5 19200 Type 5 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-40-WB 19200 Type Wide Beam 4000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-MB 19200 Type Medium Beam 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-NB 19200 Type Narrow Beam 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-T1 19200 Type 1 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-T2 19200 Type 2 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-T3 19200 Type 3 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-T4 19200 Type 4 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-T5 19200 Type 5 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL150W-50-WB 19200 Type Wide Beam 5000K 150W (Two Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-MB 28800 Type Medium Beam 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-NB 28800 Type Narrow Beam 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-T1 28800 Type 1 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-T2 28800 Type 2 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-T3 28800 Type 3 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-T4 28800 Type 4 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-T5 28800 Type 5 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-40-WB 28800 Type Wide Beam 4000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-MB 28800 Type Medium Beam 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-NB 28800 Type Narrow Beam 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-T1 28800 Type 1 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-T2 28800 Type 2 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-T3 28800 Type 3 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-T4 28800 Type 4 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-T5 28800 Type 5 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL225W-50-WB 28800 Type Wide Beam 5000K 225W (Three Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-MB 9600 Type Medium Beam 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-NB 9600 Type Narrow Beam 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-T1 9600 Type 1 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-T2 9600 Type 2 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-T3 9600 Type 3 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-T4 9600 Type 4 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-T5 9600 Type 5 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-40-WB 9600 Type Wide Beam 4000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-MB 9600 Type Medium Beam 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-NB 9600 Type Narrow Beam 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-T1 9600 Type 1 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-T2 9600 Type 2 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-T3 9600 Type 3 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-T4 9600 Type 4 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-T5 9600 Type 5 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
DI-VL-FL75W-50-WB 9600 Type Wide Beam 5000K 75W (Single Module) Single
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