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Solid Color Dimming, RGB, RGBW, K-RANGE, and DMX

LED Control Systems, Switches, and Dimmers

By choosing a stylish LED light dimmer from our selection you can replace the lighting in your home or office without sacrificing the important ability to dim LED fixtures, LED tape light, and LED Strip light as needed.

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  1. Touchdial Control System
    The new TOUCHDIAL™ zone control system controls single color dimming, tunable white, and color changing LED lighting via mobile device and additional TOUCHDIAL controls.
  2. DMX Wall Mount Controller
    DMX wall-mounted color control systems provide professional-level control of color-changing RGB and RGBW LED lighting in one or multiple independent areas.
  3. STICK-DE3
    Store up to 500 scenes across 10 separate zones with a full-color display.

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