Project Support


Project Support

Let our dedicated team help you plan your next project

Diode LED provides key project support services to save you time and labor costs for each and every project.
When you partner with Diode LED, you get:

  • Project quotes tailored to large-scale and complex projects
  • Cut, soldering, and factory-finish lengths of in-stock strip light and tape light – all done in our Nevada Operations Center
  • Assistance with DMX and RGB color changing configurations and programming
  • Our LED Wizard™ program uses industry-leading software to streamline the process and determine the type and quantity of LED modules required for the job
  • Technical review assuring that the products and configurations provided meet customer requirements and technical specifications
  • Blueprints and architectural support
  • Timely and accurate estimates for competitive bids

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  • Expect a response within 48 hours.

Factory Assembly

If you or your client is looking for a factory assembled tape light or fixtures with a specific Color Rendering Index (CRI) or Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), we will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need for your project.
Our services give you the ability to specify the following for special orders:


color rendering index (CRI):

CRI is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to accurately represent color as it would appear in daylight. Our linear lighting portfolio ranges from 70-90+ CRI, with the ability to optimize the CRI for any indoor or outdoor applications.


Correlated color temperature (cct):

CCT describes the color of light produced by a white light source, and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale to describe the relative color appearance or warmth/coolness of white light. Our linear lighting products are available in color temperatures from 2000K to 6500K. If you need a specific CCT with a specific lumen output, we can manufacture a solution for you.

blueprints & architectural support

As part of a full-service solution, our Specifications and Project Support Department reads and assesses blueprints and technical drawings, then creates a full bill of materials. The team is experienced in providing insight for both residential and commercial projects. We provide timely and accurate estimates for competitive bids, resulting in more project awards for our customers.
These are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Design: In-layout design and installation guidelines
  • Collaborate: Our team will coordinate with you to confirm project details and design
  • Compatibility: Product and design compatibility assessment
  • Compliance: Class 2 compliant guidance

How our full-service assistance benefits your project performance:

  • Responsive and accurate estimates
  • A full bill of materials created directly from your drawings and specifications
  • Professional and experienced staff support for both commercial and residential projects

Visual documentation is the best way for all collaborators to envision the end result. Diode LED understands the importance of this; we have a team experienced in reading blueprints, floor plans, electrical plans, and installation diagrams. We highlight which products to use, how many power supplies and connectors you will need, where they should be placed, and other key information directly on the documents you provide, to make it easy for you.

Below are some examples of how we overlay Diode LED information onto drawings (Click images to enlarge).


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