Your guide to everything CASAMBI

Use this guide to help you choose which CASAMBI component is best for you.

Check out the CASAMBI Controllers Product Page for more information.

Watch the CASAMBI video series below to understand how the CASAMBI system works.

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1. Wiring Installation

Learn to wire your tape light to your CASAMBI.

2. Creating a Network

Learn to create a network with the CASAMBI app.

3. Basic Controls

Learn the basics to of the control features within the CASAMBI app.

4. Adding Devices/Groups

Learn how to use the CASAMBI app with multiple devices.

5. Gallery Setup

Learn how to use the gallery feature in the CASAMBI app to associate your devices with your areas.

6. Scenes

Learn to create set options known as "scenes" so you can go back to your favorite lighting settings easily.

7. Animations

Learn to create animations from the scenes you create for a dynamic lighting effect.

8. Timers

Learn to use the timed options so you can have your light settings to go on and off when you need them to.

9. Device Profiles

Learn to create device profiles to have better control with different types of lighting.

10. Tunable Controls

Learn to use the tunable controls to have detailed control over dimming your lighting system.

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