The typical cycle of short-lived, throwaway products harms communities everywhere. It’s our responsibility to help move the lighting industry towards sustainability through our product design and our manufacturing practices.

Here’s what Elemental LED does differently for less waste, pollution, and emissions.

Better products that last longer. 

Our industry-leading warranties reflect fewer product replacements and less material headed for landfills. From high-quality raw materials to in-house design and manufacturing, we build our products to last longer, reducing long-term waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions.

Smaller, lighter luminaires. 

The energy used in manufacturing and transporting a product is often left out of the sustainability discussion. We transport and consume less metal and other heavy materials because our products are smaller. This means less energy used, less packaging, and less waste compared to legacy lighting fixtures and even other LED products.

More lumens per watt. 

More efficient light engines, drivers, and optical components means more light from less power. Lower lifetime emissions from lighting are increasingly important as we use lighting in more places.

U.S. manufacturing and supply chain responsibility. 

Our expansion of Reno, Nevada-based manufacturing keeps our work close to home. In addition, our global in-person auditing staff regularly vets raw material suppliers and external partners for quality, labor practices, harmful product inputs, and actions for environmental responsibility.

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