Airstream Upgrade (San Francisco, CA)

Our San Francisco-based customer Timothy, added accent coloring with DAZZLE 24® 24V Wet Location RGB LED Strip Light. Our strip lights are not just limited to indoor home use but can also be applied in transportation and recreation. With the waterproof feature of this strip light, rain and other weather conditions won't be an issue. Elemental LED has designed quality products to bring you LED lighting for wherever you are (and wherever you're going).

Timothy was able to light inside the cabin as well as underneath the body, where the waterproof protective layer of the strip also protects it from dust. Which is perfect, because when we went out to his workshop on Treasure Island to shoot some photos of the full color LED installation in his sleek new trailer, he was preparing to take it to the country's capital of dust: the Burning Man festival.

Timothy and his wife do their work out of a warehouse on the island that overlooks the Bay Bridge and both the cities of Oakland and San Francisco. When we visited, work was underway on a huge metal mesh sculpture of a woman, which looked to be several stories high. Our in-house engineer Joe Martin was also there, working on an LED light installation that was set up so that several of our Full Color LED Wall Washers would shine on the sculpture in various areas. The washers would be controlled by an iPad program that allows the user to "paint" a picture of the sculpture so that it lights up with the corresponding colors in the areas you painted.

Despite the retro look of the trailer, this Airstream is not vintage, but a brand new model. Airstreams are back in production and can be viewed at the company's web site.

Photo Credit: Tim Wells

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