Rail Lighting from Feeney Design Rail

The Elemental LED lighting is currently an add-on accessory to the Feeney DesignRail® line, and Elemental LED is proud to be a Feeney partner in creating the lighting experience for its products.

“Whatever Feeney’s vision, we work hard to make it come to light.”
—Mike Magnan, Business Solutions Account Manager

Designed and manufactured by Feeney, Inc.

Have you ever wanted to see what your product would look like with lighting incorporated into it? Feeney, Inc. had that thought and partnered with Elemental LED, which custom-manufactured a lighting and lens product to integrate into the Feeney DesignRail® aluminum railing system.

Since 1948, Feeney has pioneered industry-leading architectural products. Its products are both innovative and easy to install for professionals and DIY homeowners alike. When Feeney decided to partner with a lighting expert and manufacturer to help integrate a seamless lighting solution for its DesignRail® product, it selected Elemental LED.

After understanding Feeney’s design goals, the Elemental LED engineering team built a sample prototype to install in the railing. This custom-manufactured product met Feeney’s requirements, including: wet-location, dimmable, ambient lighting, with an adhesive backing and connectors to daisy-chain together.

Then Elemental LED created a custom lens that fits only Feeney DesignRail® rails to ensure the strip lighting is incorporated seamlessly and gives off an even glow throughout the railing. Next, Elemental LED worked with Feeney to create lighting kits and driver kits so that when a DesignRail® railing is purchased from Feeney, it’s easy to install. For large-scale projects, Elemental LED leverages its in-house manufacturing team to customize the exclusive product to its customers’ lengths, solder the connectors, and provide the right LED drivers to fit each project.

Because Elemental LED has deep design knowledge, in-house engineering, high-quality custom-manufactured products, and personal account management, it takes every partnership further. In addition to design consultation and custom-manufacturing, the Feeney account manager at Elemental LED provides training to the Feeney sales team, component by component, and consistently delivers a high level of service and personal account management.

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