Wellington Wine Cellars

Mark Christianson, General Manager

Wellington Wine Cellars is dedicated to creating custom, high-end wine cellars with built-in lighting to show off their customers’ prize inventory. The beautiful cypress select wood racks and arches are designed to show off cellars and wine rack displays without the distraction of lighting fixtures, cables, or wires.  Mark Christianson, General Manager, needed two types of lighting in his wine cellars: A tight-angled, compact spot light to illuminate the display arches and a linear light to illuminate the back wall and the crown molding.

The Challenge
In the past, halogen lights would have been used for the arches. However, they create excessive heat, resulting in undesirable moisture condensation and wide temperature fluctuation. The initial linear lighting and wiring options he found were only available in pre-manufactured lengths that conflicted with the unique architecture he was building. To do the job right, he needed a lighting solution.

A Partnership with Elemental LED
A call to Elemental LED put him in contact with a dedicated account manager who worked with his designs to outline a Factory-Assembled LED lighting solution to enhance his creative designs.

  • We solved the heat issue by recommending LED puck lights that had the high-impact lighting effects of halogen lighting with minimal impact on environmental temperature.
  • We specialize in linear lighting, allowing us to create LED tape light in tailored lengths and color temperature specific to their designs. Our LED tape light is UL-Rated field-cuttable to support on-the-job alterations.
  • LED lighting does not emit UV radiation that can damage wine and discolor wood or other surfaces.
  • Both the LED tape Light and LED puck lights are designed to be recessed for easy concealment to highlight the wine without distracting from the craftsmanship of the cypress racks.
  • As a single source provider, we assure Wellington Wines consistent lighting color and quality, project after project, year after year.

He was impressed by the representative’s level of LED expertise, knowledge, and care for what he was trying to accomplish. Not just a salesman. A partner.

“When I need advice on LED lighting, I’ve found a real expert who understands my unique business challenges.”
Said Mark Christianson, General Manager.

Sourcing and integrating both puck lights and strip lights from Elemental LED gave Mark the confidence and freedom to meet the client’s expectations. The LED chips in both luminaires were guaranteed at a consistent 2700K color temperature and safe for use with delicate wines. He never had to worry again about customer concerns for light color or performance.

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