Specialized, dedicated support for architectural specification and projects

Diode LED provides key project support services to save you time and labor costs for each and every project.

  • Project quotes tailored to complex and large-scale projects, including timely and accurate budgetary quoting for competitive bidding
  • Technical review to ensure that products and configurations meet customer requirements and technical specification
  • Integration with third-party control systems
  • Assistance with layouts, wiring diagrams, driver and power supply planning, and more
  • Assistance with DMX, tunable, and color changing applications
  • Coordination of kitting, shipping, and delivery
  • Post-sales support including technical assistance to installers

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Architectural Support

Our Quotes, Customer Service, and Account Management teams are dedicated to supporting Specifiers, Distributors, and their end customers through the specification, bidding, and fulfillment stages of their projects.

  • Product selection and specification support
  • Budgetary and detailed pricing
  • Compatibility verification with our products and third-party lighting control systems
  • Technical guidance on Class II and other common specification issues



Factory Assembly

Whether you need a handful of fixtures or tens of thousands, our Reno, NV manufacturing team builds fully-finished light fixtures to your exact specification. Save time and installation costs with our rapid turnaround times — the fastest in the industry.

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