VLM Series Constant Voltage LED Drivers

VLM Series Constant Voltage LED Drivers

The smallest driver in the industry

You won’t find another driver this small with this much power!

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • 80% smaller size than the competition
  • 93% efficient Vs. 89% efficient competition
  • 5 year warranty



Small Size, big power:

The VLM Series LED Driver is the highest efficiency LED power supply with the smallest footprint. Every component selected is the most compact version without sacrificing performance and is UL Listed. To push this concept to its limits, some components that do not exist in the industry were created solely for this innovative low-voltage LED power supply.

junction box can be purchased separately at the LO-PRO Mini page.

Designed in pace with the industry:

LED lighting technology and quality are advancing every year. Now is the time for LED drivers to stand out. By utilizing advanced 3D design techniques, the amount of empty space left on the board and within the driver housing is drastically reduced. Minimizing noise paths and optimizing the flow of energy through the converter are paramount to success in high density design.

Thermal Efficiency defined:

VLM Series LED Drivers are potted with precision to conduct heat more uniformly to the bottom and the body of the driver. The entire driver contact surface area is fully utilized to dissipate thermal build-up and deliver reliable power to your lighting.

Product Specs

Product Specs

Connection Type Hard-Wired
Environment / IP Rating Indoor
Warranty (Power Supplies) 5-Year Limited
Dimensions See Specification Sheet
SKU Output Voltage Wattage
VLM100W-12 12V DC 100W
VLM100W-24 24V DC 100W
VLM100W-24-LPM 24V DC 100W
VLM100W-48 48V DC 100W
VLM100W-48-LPM 48V DC 100W
VLM60W-12 12V DC 60W
VLM60W-12-LPM 12V DC 60W
VLM60W-24 24V DC 60W
VLM60W-24-LPM 24V DC 60W
VLM60W-48 48V DC 60W
VLM60W-48-LPM 48V DC 60W
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