45º Channel


45º Channel

45º Channel
Sturdy angled profile. Includes all components for assembly.


Architectural Clear: Lightly textured lens for maximum light output & reduced glare

Architectural Frosted: Lightly textured, diffused lens & reduced glare

Classic Frosted: Diffused lens for everyday installations

Premium Diffusion: Tall diffusing lens that emits light on three sides

Black: Black diffusing lens will blend in to dark environments


Individual components ordered here: 45º Channel Components Page
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Features & Benefits

  • Bundles include extrusion, lens, end-caps, and mounting
  • In-house and field cuttable channels to work with individual specifications
  • Channels act as a heat sink, cooling and prolonging the LED tape light lifespan
  • Multiple finishes and hardware available
  • Provides additional defense from dust and debris, protecting the LED investment
  • 5-Year Warranty

Product Specs

Mounting Surface Mount, Suspended Mount
Warranty 5-Year Limited
Sturdy angled profile. Includes all components for assembly.
All Options
SKU Item Finish Length
DI-CPCHB-45-48 Classic Frosted Aluminum 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-48B Classic Frosted Black 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-48W Classic Frosted White 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-96 Classic Frosted Aluminum 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-96B Classic Frosted Black 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-96W Classic Frosted White 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-BL-96 Black Aluminum 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-BL-96B Black Black 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-BL-96W Black White 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-CLT-48 Architectural Clear Aluminum 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-CLT-48B Architectural Clear Black 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-CLT-48W Architectural Clear White 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-CLT-96 Architectural Clear Aluminum 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-CLT-96B Architectural Clear Black 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-CLT-96W Architectural Clear White 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-FRT-48 Architectural Frosted Aluminum 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-FRT-48B Architectural Frosted Black 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-FRT-48W Architectural Frosted White 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-FRT-96 Architectural Frosted Aluminum 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-FRT-96B Architectural Frosted Black 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-FRT-96W Architectural Frosted White 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-PD-48 Premium Diffusion Aluminum 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-PD-48B Premium Diffusion Black 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-PD-48W Premium Diffusion White 48 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-PD-96 Premium Diffusion Aluminum 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-PD-96B Premium Diffusion Black 96 in.
DI-CPCHB-45-PD-96W Premium Diffusion White 96 in.
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