Embers Steak & Seafood (Albuquerque, NM)

The owners of the Isleta Steakhouse (now known as Embers Steak & Seafood) in Albuquerque, NM shared some behind-the-scenes photos of their LED tape light installation, including a look at how some of the lighting was installed. The LED tape light used was warm white FLUID VIEW®, which possesses a low, mellow light quality that is further enhanced by the almost orange bar top. Using a white frosted top, a similar effect could be achieved with the very warm white color temperature of FLUID VIEW® LED Tape Light dimmed down slightly.

A group of 12V Constant Voltage LED Drivers power the LED strip lights. These constant voltage drivers can be dimmed using a low voltage LED Dimmer. In this particular installation, the dimmer used is Elemental LED's REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer. This stunning installation shows how much you can achieve with LED lights (that you can't with other lighting technologies like fluorescent and halogen) and a little elbow grease, of course.

FLUID VIEW® has since been superseded by BLAZE™, which provides performance and value for everyday projects. It's our most popular tape light, available in a wide range of color temperatures and outputs.

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