Magnetic Dimmable Drivers

Magnetic Dimmable Drivers
All-purpose dimmable driver for everyday tape light projects. Learn more
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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with many dimmers, on/off switches
  • 5-year warranty
  • Recommended with Diode LED tape light


Diode LED has always made the most competitive tape light in the market. Now, we are manufacturing magnetic LED drivers that are just as competitive. Magnetic drivers are still the default, all-purpose dimmable driver for everyday tape light projects. There is no need to go to two different manufacturers to buy components for one light system.
Product Specs

Product Specs

SKU Input Voltage Output Voltage Wattage
DI-MLV-12V100W 120VAC 12V DC 100W
DI-MLV-12V100W-277 277VAC 12V DC 100W
DI-MLV-12V120W-MT 120VAC 12V DC 120W Multi-tap
DI-MLV-12V150W 120VAC 12V DC 150W
DI-MLV-12V180W-MT 120VAC 12V DC 180W Multi-tap
DI-MLV-12V200W 120VAC 12V DC 200W
DI-MLV-12V200W-277 277VAC 12V DC 200W
DI-MLV-12V20W 120VAC 12V DC 20W
DI-MLV-12V20W-277 277VAC 12V DC 20W
DI-MLV-12V300W 120VAC 12V DC 300W
DI-MLV-12V300W-277 277VAC 12V DC 300W
DI-MLV-12V300W-MT 120VAC 12V DC 300W Multi-tap
DI-MLV-12V40W 120VAC 12V DC 40W
DI-MLV-12V60W 120VAC 12V DC 60W
DI-MLV-12V60W-277 277VAC 12V DC 60W
DI-MLV-24V150W 120VAC 24V DC 150W
DI-MLV-24V192W-MT 120VAC 24V DC 192W Multi-tap
DI-MLV-24V200W 120VAC 24V DC 200W
DI-MLV-24V200W-277 277VAC 24V DC 200W
DI-MLV-24V20W 120VAC 24V DC 20W
DI-MLV-24V20W-277 277VAC 24V DC 20W
DI-MLV-24V288W-MT 120VAC 24V DC 288W Multi-tap
DI-MLV-24V300W 120VAC 24V DC 300W
DI-MLV-24V300W-277 277VAC 24V DC 300W
DI-MLV-24V40W 120VAC 24V DC 40W
DI-MLV-24V40W-277 277VAC 24V DC 40W
DI-MLV-24V60W 120VAC 24V DC 60W
DI-MLV-24V96W 120VAC 24V DC 96W
DI-MLV-24V96W-277 277VAC 24V DC 96W
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