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Hanging Fixture with CHROMOPATH Channel
DSPTCH (San Francisco, CA)

Channel profiles protect and diffuse LED tape light while also providing a more finished and professional look. There is a Diode LED channel profile for every application, including surface-mounted, recessed, corner-mounted, and angled profiles.

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Channel Profiles

Channels are complete bundles including lenses and mounting. Or, select individual components as you see fit.

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  1. S1 Channel

    S1 Channel

    Low profile for everyday tape light installations.
  2. CANAL Channel

    CANAL Channel

    Medium profile for full diffusion of lower-density tape lights.
  3. 45º DECO

    45º DECO Channel

    Discreet 45º profile with concealed mounting.
  4. GRAZER Narrow

    GRAZER Channel

    Profile with narrow grazing (24°) lens.
  5. 16mm Channel

    16mm Channel

    Mounting channel for use with dry and wet location tape light. Install with either dry location, or wet location LED tape light for a clean, professional look.

    10mm SQUARE CORNER Channel

    Corner profile with a squared lens.

    20mm ROUNDED CORNER Channel

    Corner profile with a rounded lens.

    10mm ROUNDED CORNER Channel

    Corner profile with a rounded lens.

    20mm SQUARE CORNER Channel

    Corner profile with a squared lens.
  10. WAVEFORM Channel

    WAVEFORM Channel

    Flexible profile for installing tape light onto curves surfaces.
  11. 90º SIDEVIEW

    90º SIDEVIEW Channel

    Wall-mounted profile for uplighting or downlighting.
  12. WALL ROD

    WALL ROD Channel

    Round profile for general illumination.
  13. Closet Rod

    CLOSET ROD Channel

    Closet rod profile for integrating lighting directly into closets in residential or hospitality environments.
  14. ART ROD

    ART ROD Channel

    Task lighting for art, displays, and exhibits.
  15. SLIM Channel (Components)

    SLIM Channel (Components)

    Classic low profile for most tape lights.
  16. SQUARE Channel (Components)

    SQUARE Channel (Components)

    Sturdy profile with many mounting options.

  17. 45º Channel (Components)

    45º Channel (Components)

    Sturdy angled profile.

  18. SCONCE

    SCONCE Channel

    Up-down indirect lighting in a single profile for wall mounting.

18 Item(s)

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