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High-impact, easy to install LED lighting solutions

Task, Path, and LED Fixtures

These Diode LED fixtures meet specific needs such as 120V direct-wire task lighting and discreet, aimable accent lighting. The low-voltage options are compatible with the same popular LED drivers we offer for our extensive line of tape light products.

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  1. GRAZE X

    Grazer fixture with precise narrow optics. Graze effectively in a small form factor.

    Powered by the VALENT® X light engine.

  2. MATTONE 2
    The MATTONE® 2 LED Step Light is a compact led step light fixture that is suitable for path or display lighting both indoor and outdoor.
  3. TRIANT 2
    The TRIANT® 2 LED Puck Lights operate on a dual 12/24V platform for task and accent lighting in a small fixture.
  4. SPOTMOD® 2 Dimmable LED Fixture
    The SPOTMOD® 2 is a compact and dimmable indoor/outdoor LED fixture integrates seamlessly into cabinetry, patios, gardens, shelving, and more. Available in 2 form factors.
    FENCER® Series SABER™ SELECT is a 120V lighting system with three built-in CCT options (3000K, 3500K, and 4000K).
    FENCER® Series FOIL™ SELECT Cove is a 120V lighting system with three built-in CCT options (3000K, 3500K, and 4000K).
  7. TRU-LINK LED Light Bar
    TRU-LINK® 24V LED Light Bars are linkable, high-CRI light bars with premium diffusion.
  8. SPOTMOD® 12V LED Fixture
    This wet location LED light features a compact size and powerful light projection in a broad 45° beam or tight 15° spotlight.
  9. FENCER FOIL 2 2

    These phased-out products will not be supported past 2019 with limited availability on certain SKUs in the near term. Call Diode LED Customer Service for availability. Click here for the updated model with 3 built in CCT options.

    FENCER® Series FOIL™ 2 LED Fixtures offer high CRI lighting with total diffusion.
  10. FENCER® Series SABER™ Premium Diffusion LED Light Fixture
    FENCER® SABER™ Under Cabinet LED Fixtures incorporate a unique design with premium diffusion lens to create an uninterrupted linear light output, that totally​ eliminates the traditional “hot spots” of most LED array fixtures.
  11. SPOTMOD® SLIK Series LED Panel Light
    The SPOTMOD® SLIK Series LED Panel Lights offer display, accent and task lighting in a discrete form-factor with high performance.

    The SPOTMOD® LINK features daisy chain connectors for multi-fixture installations (up to seven) and can be surface mounted or recess mounted.


    The SPOTMOD® TILE LED Fixture is an ultra-bright and low-profile fixture for surface mounting onto most surfaces.

  14. TRIANT® LED Puck Light

    The TRIANT® LED Puck Light is a stylish and compact LED light that provides focused task or decorative lighting in any space.

  15. CASCADE 2
    High output, 80+ CRI LED light fixture for indoor and wet location applications.
  16. EQUIFLUX® 1055 LED Display Graphics Light
    An ultra-bright, uniform display light with no hot spots or shadows, with a 10x55 beam angle ideally suited for narrow display frameworks.
  17. ETERNALUX™ 24V LED Light Bar

    Longest Life LED Fixture

    Built with an industrial grade aluminum housing with Zero Line Diffusion® lenses for anti-glare and undistorted light emissions, these light bars are engineered with the latest generation of LED light engines capable of lasting 50 years– an industry first!

17 Item(s)

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