Narrow 4mm tape light – that is ideal for lighting tight spaces. Details & Downloads
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Features & Benefits

  • Thinnest format Tape light
  • 90+ CRI


Product Specs

Certifications UL Listed 2108
Connection Type See Specification
Environment / IP Rating Indoor / Damp Location IP20
Max. Run See Specification Sheet
Warranty 12 Year Limited
BLAZE™ MINI LED Linear Lighting is designed as one of the most narrow form factors in linear lighting available in the industry. At 4mm wide, It’s offered in 12VDC and 24VDC platforms with a wide selection of popular color temperatures. BLAZE MINI is perfect for retail, shelving, display, and other small applications where space is limited and uniform, clean lines of light are desired.
All Options
SKU Input Voltage Lumens / ft. Max. Run Color (CCT) Length
DI-12V-BL4MN150-27-009 12VDC 167 Up to 9.8 ft. 2700K 9.8 ft. Spool
DI-12V-BL4MN150-30-009 12VDC 173 Up to 9.8 ft. 3000K 9.8 ft. Spool
DI-12V-BL4MN150-35-009 12VDC 166 Up to 9.8 ft. 3500K 9.8 ft. Spool
DI-12V-BL4MN150-42-009 12VDC 172 Up to 9.8 ft. 4200K 9.8 ft. Spool
DI-12V-BL4MN150-50-009 12VDC 193 Up to 9.8 ft. 5000K 9.8 ft. Spool
DI-12V-BL4MN150-63-009 12VDC 164 Up to 9.8 ft. 6300K 9.8 ft. Spool
DI-24V-BL4MN150-27-016 24VDC 154 Up to 16.4 ft. 2700K 16.4 ft. Spool
DI-24V-BL4MN150-30-016 24VDC 168 Up to 16.4 ft. 3000K 16.4 ft. Spool
DI-24V-BL4MN150-35-016 24VDC 163 Up to 16.4 ft. 3500K 16.4 ft. Spool
DI-24V-BL4MN150-42-016 24VDC 172 Up to 16.4 ft. 4200K 16.4 ft. Spool
DI-24V-BL4MN150-50-016 24VDC 177 Up to 16.4 ft. 5000K 16.4 ft. Spool
DI-24V-BL4MN150-63-016 24VDC 162 Up to 16.4 ft. 6300K 16.4 ft. Spool
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