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LED Control Systems, Switches, and Dimmers

By choosing a stylish LED light dimmer from our selection you can replace the lighting in your home or office without sacrificing the important ability to dim LED fixtures, LED tape light, and LED Strip light as needed.

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    Features a fully touch-sensitive housing for full dimming and on/off control.
  2. Infrared LED On/Off Switch
    This sleek and low profile 12V-24V sensor switch is made for cabinets, closets, and drawers.
  3. Nicolaudie STICK-KE1 DMX LED Controller
    STICK-KE1 DMX LED color control and storage of up to 200 user-created lighting scenes.
  4. Nicolaudie Easy Stand Alone DMX LED Color Controller
    This fully customized DMX color control for color-changing LED lights combines sophisticated control with ease of use.
  5. DMX 4 Channel Decoder
    Translates a DMX signal into the PWM control signal used by RGB LED lights.
  6. CLEARANCE: RGB Zone LED Color Control System
    While supplies last!
    Provides powerful wireless control for RGB LED Lights, letting you create distinct zones, each with their own color-changing patterns or static colors.
  7. REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switches
    These low voltage dimmers offer smooth dimming from 100% - 1% with no flickering, humming, or jumping.
  8. SWITCHEX® Driver and Dimmer Switch
    SWITCHEX combines an LED dimmer switch + LED power supply into a single integrated unit.
  9. Tunable White DMX512 Controller
    Wall mounted tunable white light control on a touch sensitive glass surface.
  10. Casambi-A2D

    The CASAMBI ASR will remotely dim 0-10V fixtures through the app - downloadable for IOS & Android.

  11. Casambi-RED

    The CASAMBI TED is a high voltage dimmer for use with incandescent and dimmable LED fixtures through the app - downloadable for IOS & Android.

  12. Casambi-ASR

    The CASAMBI ASR will remotely dim 0-10V fixtures through the app - downloadable for IOS & Android.

  13. DMX Wall Mount Controller
    DMX wall-mounted color control systems provide professional-level control of color-changing RGB and RGBW LED lighting in one or multiple independent areas.
  14. Nicolaudie STICK-GA2 DMX LED Controller
    The sleek, attractive, touch-sensitive surface lets you control and dim color-changing lights, as well as dim single color LED lights.
  15. ATTRIBUTE Color Controller

    The ATTRIBUTE® Color Controller for RGB and RGB(W) LED lighting is affordable, flexible, and easy to install.

  16. STICK-DE3
    Store up to 500 scenes across 10 separate zones with a full-color display.
  17. Inline On/Off LED Switch

    The Inline On/Off LED Switch uses a simple on/off toggle to control power flow between power and fixture.

  18. Inline LED Dimmer Switch

    This easy-to-use LED Dimmer Switch allows you to adjust the brightness of LED lights with a classic rotary knob without any troublesome flickering.

  19. Proximity Sensor
    Perfect for cabinets and drawers, the switch is off when the sensor is obstructed or blocked. It then turns on when the sensor is uncovered.
  20. Passive Sensor
    Wave hand in front of sensor (within ≤ 2.3 inches) to activate lighting; wave again to deactivate lighting.
  21. Occupancy Sensor Switch
    Detects motion within view of sensor at approximately 9.5 feet On/off functionality only.
  22. casambi pwm

    The CASAMBI PWM4 is a dimmer for solid color lighting and color-controller for RGB(W) lighting through the app - downloadable for IOS & Android.

  23. Touchdial Control System
    The new TOUCHDIAL™ zone control system controls single color dimming, tunable white, and color changing LED lighting via mobile device and additional TOUCHDIAL controls.

23 Item(s)

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