LED Control

Solid Color Dimming, RGB, RGBW, K-RANGE, and DMX

LED Control Systems, Switches, and Dimmers

Control static-color or color-changing lights with a wide variety of controls: hardwired, remote-based, or app-based. DMX systems and components provide comprehensive control either as a stand-alone systems or as part of a third-party control system. Contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

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  1. casambi pwm

    The CASAMBI PWM4 is a dimmer for solid color lighting and color-controller for RGB(W) lighting through the app - downloadable for IOS & Android.

  2. Nicolaudie® STICK-KE2 DMX LED Controller

    The sleek, touch-sensitive keypad lets you select color changing mode, speed and dimming and can store up to 200 custom lighting scenes across 5 separate zones.

  3. Nicolaudie STICK-GA2 DMX LED Controller
    The sleek, attractive, touch-sensitive surface lets you control and dim color-changing lights, as well as dim single color LED lights.
  4. DMX 4 Channel Decoder
    Translates a DMX signal into the PWM control signal used by RGB LED lights.
  5. Nicolaudie Easy Stand Alone DMX LED Color Controller
    This fully customized DMX color control for color-changing LED lights combines sophisticated control with ease of use.

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