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  1. infiniline-x

    The driverless 120VAC strip light is 90+ CRI and delivers up to 510 lumens per foot. Plug-in ready to deliver instant light in long runs.

    INFINILINE is a tailored to order light for single-run lengths up to 200 feet.


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    NEON BLAZE offers diffused, saturated light from end to end.
  3. DOUBLE BLAZE™ 24V LED Tape Light
    DOUBLE BLAZE™ DOUBLE BLAZE 24V LED Tape Light is a high lumen tape light option for task light applications.
  4. Alphatech

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    AlphaTECH™ is elegant, flexible, next generation lighting technology designed for even the most robust environments. Engineered to be versatile for any space, anywhere.



    New and Improved Designed with Optimal Performance.

    Now Field-Cuttable!
  6. Element Crown
    ELEMENT™ CROWN Mounting Channel & Cover is a two-part system includes a mounting channel and cover in three color options for added aesthetics and protection.
  7. PURALIGHT® LED Light Sheet
    Puralight is a fully modular way to backlight your display and signage.
  8. ENVI Light Color Tunable Mirror

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    ENVI-Light is a tunable light mirror that previews your true beauty in any light before you arrive to your destination.
  9. DMX Decoder with Built-in LED Driver
    The new DMX Driver combines the operations of a low voltage 24V Class 2 LED Power Supply and a DMX Decoder into a single unit.

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    EMERY STRATUS combines the ease of installation with the slimmest form factor available and an ideal solution for shallow plenums.
  11. Touchdial Control System
    The new TOUCHDIAL™ zone control system controls single color dimming, tunable white, and color changing LED lighting via mobile device and additional TOUCHDIAL controls.
  12. HYDROLUME® SLIM 24V LED Strip Light

    HYDROLUME® SLIM features a thinner profile suitable for tighter spaces allowing for more flexibility in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The unique IP65 Polyurethane based shell houses a linear LED design that is twice as efficient as the original HYDROLUME with higher lumen output and greater color rendering.

  13. EMERY™ SKY Suspended LED Luminaire
    EMERY SKY™ is a new lighting centerpiece that accents architecture and environment by emitting light upward as well as downward.
  14. EMERY BEAM LED Batten

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    Whether new construction or retrofit, this attractive energy saving alternative to T8 fixtures can be flush mounted or suspended.
  15. EMERY BEAM LED Batten

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    Whether new construction or retrofit, this attractive energy saving alternative to T8 fixtures can be flush mounted or suspended.
    The VOLANTE™ LED Canopy Light is a modular lighting system giving you the best in lumen output and beam spread.
  17. VOLANTE® Series Flood Light
    VOLANTE Flood Lighting comes in one-module, two-module, and three-module configurations. Arrives fully assembled with a lead-wire connection.
  18. VLM SERIES LED Driver

    The smallest driver in the industry

    You won’t find another driver this small with this much power!


    The DAZZLE® ACCENT Lighting System is a custom lighting system that delivers full color illumination to exterior applications.

    Powered with Inception Lighting Technology

  20. TRU-LINK LED Light Bar
    TRU-LINK® 24V LED Light Bars are linkable, high-CRI light bars with premium diffusion.
  21. SPOTMOD® SLIK Series LED Panel Light
    The SPOTMOD® SLIK Series LED Panel Lights offer display, accent and task lighting in a discrete form-factor with high performance.
  22. EMERY™ Ensemble Suspended Linear LED Fixture

    EMERY Ensemble is the ultimate hanging fixture for residential or commercial applications.

  23. OMNIDRIVE 2 models

    OMNIDRIVE 2 Electronic Dimmable Driver a 0% minimum wattage load and provides a excellent dimming range and a housed within an electrical enclosure

  24. SWITCHEX® Driver and Dimmer Switch
    SWITCHEX combines an LED dimmer switch + LED power supply into a single integrated unit.
  25. LO-PRO® Junction Box
    Patent pending, UL Listed electrical enclosure meets electrical code requirements and cost saving measures with easy installation of LED power supplies.

25 Item(s)

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