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  1. SWITCHEX® Driver and Dimmer Switch
    SWITCHEX combines an LED dimmer switch and LED power supply into a single integrated unit.
  2. FENCER® Series SABER™ Premium Diffusion Under Cabinet LED Light Fixture
    FENCER® SABER™ Premium Diffusion Under Cabinet LED Fixtures provide exceptional color rendering and evenly distributed light in an easy-to-install direct wire 120VAC fixture.
  3. CLICKTIGHT® PRO Tape Light Connector
    CLICKTIGHT® PRO is the innovative and patent-pending connector from Diode LED that ensures a secure solderless connection for tape light applications where soldering is not an option.
  4. FENCER SABER Occupancy Sensor
    Save energy usage with your FENCER Series SABER™ Under Cabinet Fixtures with this advanced occupancy sensor from Diode LED.
  5. TOUCHDIAL WiFi Color Control System
    The new TOUCHDIAL™ zone control system controls single color, K-RANGE, and RGB(W) LED lighting via mobile device and additional TOUCHDIAL controls.
  6. OMNIDRIVE® Electronic Dimmable Drivers
    With a built-in filter that eliminates flickering and compatibility with a wide range of dimmers, OMNIDRIVE offers truly superior performance for powering LED lighting.
  7. HYDROLUME™ 24V LED Strip Light

    HYDROLUME® is waterproof, fully submersible, and constructed of UV-resistant. corrosion-resistant materials designed specifically to perform in extreme environments.

  8. VALENT Premium 12V LED Tape Light
    A linear light whose 90+ CRI value, combined with high R9, R13, and R14 values, ensures a quality almost identical to incandescent light.
  9. DAZZLE™ DMX Pixel Strip Light- In-use

    DAZZLE® DMX offers what standard RGB doesn't with individually addressable LEDs that can create patterns and chasing effects using DMX control systems.

9 Item(s)

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