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  1. FLUID VIEW® 24V LED Tape Light

    The FLUID VIEW® LED 24V Tape Light superior color rendering at lengths up to 67 continuous feet.

  2. BLAZE™ 24V LED Tape Light (90+ CRI)

    BLAZE™ 24V LED Tape Light excels as either task or ambient lighting with an amazing 90+ CRI color rendering rating.

    View the Details for future CCT and length availability.

  3. OMNIDRIVE 2 models
    OMNIDRIVE 2 Electronic Dimmable Driver a 0% minimum wattage load and provides a excellent dimming range and a housed within an electrical enclosure.
  4. MATTONE 2
    The MATTONE® 2 LED Step Light is a compact led step light fixture that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and easy to install.
  5. DAZZLE 24® 24V RGBW 4D Wet location LED Tape Light
    Our most advanced color changing linear light features a new quad-chip capable of billions of colors in wet locations.
  6. DAZZLE 24® 24V RGBW 4D LED Tape Light
    Our most advanced color changing linear light features a new quad-chip capable of billions of colors.
  7. CHROMAPATH® Builder Channels
    Assemble your fixture the way you want.
  8. VALENT® X

    VALENT X LED Lighting is a linear lighting solution designed and engineered to provide high quality natural LED light with total linear diffusion.

  9. CLICKTIGHT® PRO Tape Light Connector
    CLICKTIGHT® PRO is the innovative and patent-pending connector from Diode LED that ensures a secure solderless connection for tape light applications where soldering is not an option.
  10. SWITCHEX® Driver and Dimmer Switch
    SWITCHEX combines an LED dimmer switch + LED power supply into a single integrated unit.
  11. LO-PRO® Junction Box
    Patent pending, UL Listed electrical enclosure meets electrical code requirements and cost saving measures with easy installation of LED power supplies.

    The SPOTMOD® LINK features daisy chain connectors for multi-fixture installations (up to seven) and can be surface mounted or recess mounted.


    The SPOTMOD® TILE LED Fixture is an ultra-bright and low-profile fixture for surface mounting onto most surfaces.

  14. FENCER® Series SABER™ Premium Diffusion LED Light Fixture
    FENCER® SABER™ Under Cabinet LED Fixtures incorporate a unique design with premium diffusion lens to create an uninterrupted linear light output, that totally​ eliminates the traditional “hot spots” of most LED array fixtures.
    The PURALIGHT® 2 LED Light Modules come in multi-unit strands of water resistant, durable modules that are ready to perform in all environments.
  16. FENCER FOIL 2 2
    FENCER® Series FOIL™ 2 LED Fixtures offer high CRI lighting with total diffusion.
  17. CASCADE 2
    High output, 80+ CRI LED light fixture for indoor and wet location applications.
    All purpose 80+ CRI light bar for indoor and outdoor applications.

18 Item(s)

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