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  1. Channel Bundle: 16mm
    The 16mm Channel diffuses our wider linear lights including VALENT® X Wet Location and DAZZLE RGBW 4D.
  2. S1 Channel
    The slimmest profile channel that works with our most popular tape light.
  3. STREAMLITE™ Diffused Linear Light
    Dotless linear lighting that eliminates the need for additional diffusing covers or accessories.
  4. magnetic low voltage driver
    All-purpose dimmable driver for everyday tape light projects.
  5. AlphaTECH
    Durable linear LED lighting for outdoors and indoors, including wet locations. Pool and Sauna rated.
  6. AlphaTECH® X Linear LED Lighting

    Professional grade, fully diffused linear LED lighting for outdoors and indoors. Pool and Sauna rated.

  7. GRAZE X

    Grazer fixture with precise narrow optics. Graze effectively in a small form factor.

    Powered by the VALENT® X light engine.

  8. BLAZE™ X LED Tape Light
    Precision-engineered tape light. Up to 300+ lumens per foot with 95+ CRI / 90+ R9. 12 year warranty.
  9. LO-PRO NEMA3R  Junction Box
    NEMA 3R Junction Box that pairs with Diode LED drivers for outdoor installations. Certified UL 2108, UL 508A, and UL 1598
  10. SQUIGGLY 200
    Tape light that bends on both axes to adapt to curves and uneven spaces.
  11. LO-PRO Junction Box for MikroDIM
    NEMA1 Junction Box for MikroDIM driver.
  12. MikroDIM
    Compact, dimmable power supply with no minimum load.
  13. BLAZE™ LED Tape Light
    Performance and value for everyday projects. Our most popular tape light, available in a wide range of color temperatures and outputs. 7 year warranty.
  14. Closet Rod
    The CLOSET ROD brings illumination to your retail or personal clothing organization.
  15. ART ROD
    The ART ROD brings wall mounted illumination for art, exhibit, or general lighting.
  16. WALL ROD
    The WALL ROD brings wall mounted illumination for general lighting.
    Compact electronic dimmable (ELV) driver for everyday projects.Compatible with the most popular dimmers.
  18. SPOTMOD® 2 Dimmable LED Fixture
    The SPOTMOD® 2 is a compact and dimmable indoor/outdoor LED fixture integrates seamlessly into cabinetry, patios, gardens, shelving, and more. Available in 2 form factors.
  19. BLAZE™ MINI 4mm LED Tape Light
    Narrow 4mm tape light – that is ideal for lighting tight spaces.
  20. Channel Bundle: MUD-IN 1 in.
    MUD-IN 1 in. channel is the solution for integrated lighting systems within walls and ceilings.
  21. MUD-IN 2 in.
    MUD-IN 2 in. channel is the solution for integrated lighting systems within walls and ceilings.
  22. Tunable White DMX512 Controller
    Wall mounted tunable white light control on a touch sensitive glass surface.
  23. BLAZE™ SELECT Tunable White Lighting System
    Tunable white light that changes color temperature (CCT) at the push of a button or DMX controls. Change the light from warm to cool for aesthetic or circadian effects.
  24. SLIM Bundle
    Packaged aluminum channel profile of the popular Builder Channel
    Ready to load
  25. GRAZER Narrow
    Packaged aluminum channel profile – Ready to load
    24º beam angle for wall grazing and architectural accents

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